Sanofi Pasteur VIEW PROJECT
Muncy UMC 1
Muncy First United Methodist Church VIEW PROJECT
Snyders Of Hanover VIEW PROJECT
Kreider Silo - Exterior 2
Kreider Farms, Silo Observation Tower VIEW PROJECT
Shocks Mill Bridge 1
Shocks Mill Bridge Walkway VIEW PROJECT
Impulse revised
Loading Station for Impulse Roller Coaster VIEW PROJECT
Turn 14 Distribution VIEW PROJECT
Fiat Chrysler - Warehouse
Fiat Chrysler VIEW PROJECT
PA College of Technology-New Student Housing - Exterior 1
The Pennsylvania College of Technology-New Student Housing VIEW PROJECT
Country Inn & Suites - Mechanicsburg
Country Inn and Suites VIEW PROJECT
ReCommunity Recycling - External 2
ReCommunity Recycling VIEW PROJECT
Baltimore Washington Medical Center - Exterior 1
Baltimore Washington Medical Center VIEW PROJECT
AE Polysilicon Corporation - Exterior 1
AE Polysilicon Corporation VIEW PROJECT
Local Industrial Plant - Interior 1
Local Industrial Plant VIEW PROJECT
Messiah PA - Night
Messiah University - Calvin and Janet High Center for Worship and Performing Arts VIEW PROJECT
PCHS - Arial Shot
PA College of Health Sciences VIEW PROJECT
Yuengling Building Wide Shot
Yuengling Museum and Retail Store VIEW PROJECT