New Service

Providence Now Provides Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services


There are many structural engineering tasks that are required every day that are not specifically related to traditional building design. Non-building structures may be similar to buildings; such as pipe racks, storage racks and frames to support processes, or not similar to buildings; such as telecommunication towers, stage sets and sculpture integrity confirmation.

From stage sets for theater productions at Sight and Sound, to interior skeletal structure for parade floats at Sesame Place, to checking the structural integrity of exterior works of art and sculptures like the decommissioned fighter wing on display at the Indianapolis International Airport, we never back down from a unique challenge at Providence.

"The relationship between our two companies started many years ago, but we seldom highlight the reasons that we work so well together. So I would like to share a few comments that describe the relationship and why we enjoy working with your firm. Your company has a commitment to providing quality service with a friendly approach, so many other firms fall short in this area. Over the years you have demonstrated a high level of expertise by understanding our project needs and working through difficult details to provide the right design and solution. The way that your team works together provides premium customer service to our company. Thank you for this wonderful and valuable relationship built on trust and honesty, Alexander Building Construction Co. is looking forward to future opportunities that we can work together on."

Stephen A. Wilt
Harrisburg, Alexander Building Construction Co.