The industrial market represents a large segment of Providence’s offered design services involving projects that vary from the smaller stand-alone day to day needs of a facility, to larger full building design projects as engineer of record.


Providence has designed buildings to accommodate 40-ton bridge cranes, 400 psf live loads and slabs satisfying strict floor flatness and levelness requirements. We excel at engineering solutions to the most challenging of circumstances typically needed in order to fit a process in and around the structure.

"The relationship between our two companies started many years ago, but we seldom highlight the reasons that we work so well together. So I would like to share a few comments that describe the relationship and why we enjoy working with your firm. Your company has a commitment to providing quality service with a friendly approach, so many other firms fall short in this area. Over the years you have demonstrated a high level of expertise by understanding our project needs and working through difficult details to provide the right design and solution. The way that your team works together provides premium customer service to our company. Thank you for this wonderful and valuable relationship built on trust and honesty, Alexander Building Construction Co. is looking forward to future opportunities that we can work together on."

Stephen A. Wilt
Harrisburg, Alexander Building Construction Co.