Tricorn Fountain

This beautiful fountain sculpture, designed by Artist Duilio Passariello, is situated in Monroe Park which is located just a few blocks from the White House.


Made of marine-grade stainless steel mesh, the 9’ tall prism sculpture symbolically honors the continuity of the presidency through both its orientation and its reference to the three-sided hat worn by President James Monroe. One of the three vertices points east toward the White House, one vertex points north for Abraham Lincoln, and the third points south, toward the university named after George Washington. Resting within the reflecting pool of the James Monroe Park, the mesh takes on different characteristics depending on the day’s natural lighting. The central column of the sculpture also serves as the main water feed for the fountain. In order to fulfill the artist’s vision for the sculpture, Providence worked closely with Duilio Passariello to coordinate special detailing, and to recommend construction materials and products.

Washington, D.C.



Team Members Involved