Phoenix Sculpture

The Phoenix was designed by artist Ray King and sits in front of the new Claymont Regional Transportation Center in Delaware, greeting commuters as they drive into the station. The sculpture is named for the area’s rebirth as it rises from the rubble of the steel mill that had dominated its landscape for nearly a century.

Wagman, Inc.

Providence Engineering provided structural analysis, design, and detailing for a 21-foot tall stainless steel and glass phoenix sculpture. The project included:

  • Design and detailing of two prefabricated stainless steel trusses for on-site assembly.
  • Design of internal cable supports for laminated glass panels within the trusses.
  • Coordination with other professionals for the design of the supporting concrete pedestal.
  • Design of the sculpture’s base plate and connections to the trusses and pedestal.
  • Design of anchor bolts securing the sculpture to the pedestal.

Providence’s design considerations focused on structural integrity, safety, and ease of fabrication and assembly.

Claymont, DE