Kunzler & Company, Inc.

Kunzler & Company, Inc. is an American food manufacturer and processor headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Kunzler - Exterior 1
Kunzler - Exterior 2

As engineer of record for Kunzler & Company’s 24,000 SF state-of-the-art bacon facility, Providence designed the addition to the existing processed meats facility in close coordination with Kunzler’s production specialists in order to interface with, and keep existing operations in full production during construction. The addition included receiving docks for raw products and dry goods, coolers for holding raw products, ingredient mixing rooms, injection rooms, new smokehouses, (7) tempering rooms to bring product to operational temperatures, a slicing/packaging room, dry storage rooms for packaging, coolers for holding finished goods, and shipping docks. The addition enabled Kunzler & Company, Inc., not only to increase through-put of product, but to significantly increase the average grade of their product.

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