Berks Packing Company, Inc

Berks Packing Co., Inc. is a local third generation, family-owned and operated meat processor located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Berks Packing Company - Interior 1
Berks Packing Company - Interior 2

Providence was part of the team chosen to design the conversion of an existing dry storage warehouse to a refrigerated meat slicing facility. The 31,000 SF renovation included a 16,000 SF sanitary, refrigerated slicing facility, 6,000 SF mechanical support and employee spaces, as well as retaining 9,000 SF of existing dry storage warehouse. Since the consumer is not required to cook the product after it is purchased, sanitary design and procedures were of the utmost importance. The building is located in the 100 year flood zone, therefore flood protection was incorporated in the design. In order to meet production commitments, an accelerated schedule of less than 6 months was achieved.

Reading, PA



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