Nov 06, 2018 | Events

Mark Broomell Presents Construction Education Session at ABC Keystone


Mark Broomell, Director of Food Facilities at Providence, recently presented “Construction Design Documents & Technical Specifications” to an audience of Contractors, Engineers, Manufacturers and Architects. Mark’s presentation is part of a 9-part education series titled “Understanding the Construction Process from Inception to Completion.” Hosted by ABC Keystone, this series is intended to provide a big picture understanding of the construction process.

In part 3 of this series, Mark outlined the typical design disciplines required for a construction project and how those disciplines work together using Design Documents and Specifications. Highlighting the goals of each phase of the design process, Mark showed how design documents evolve from early Schematic sketches to Design drawings and eventually to signed and sealed Construction Documents. Mark also explained the importance of Specifications and how they pair with Design Documents to provide a clear understanding of what is to be built.

If you’d like to learn more about Mark’s presentation please contact us. If you’re interested in the remaining education sessions, please visit ABC Keystone.


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