Women in Construction | Deanna Ray

For Women in Construction Week 2024, we’re spotlighting the remarkable stories of women engineers at Providence Engineering. Discover how they embarked on their journey into this profession and the experiences that have shaped their careers.

What would you say is a key to your success in the industry?

Resilience is one of the best qualities to have as an engineer and I believe it has contributed to many of my successes. Having a bit of thick skin will help you push through troublesome parts of a project and help you persevere without losing your drive.

What advice do you have for young professionals starting their career in engineering?

Actively listen to criticism from others but be discerning enough to make your own decisions. While you will have a lot to learn as the result of experience, it is important that you recognize the value of your own knowledge and to be willing to challenge ideas that you don’t understand or agree with.

What’s the one thing that prepared you the most for your career in engineering?

Being involved in clubs and activities related to my field of choice. Even highly intelligent and creative people can become stuck in one way of thinking. Connecting yourself to people of a similar intellectual level with different backgrounds and doing common activities together is a fantastic way to learn new approaches, or to become aware of issues that you may not have been confronted with yet in your own experiences.

What is one of your favorite projects and why?

My favorite project so far has been a private residence that we are currently working on. It is going to be a beautiful 2-story home with large windows and a covered outdoor porch. There is a cantilevered portion of the house which makes the structure more interesting. The home looks quite artful and being engaged in the design process has been rewarding.