Elevating Talents: Meet Our New Branch Leaders!

Michelle Benoit, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
Northern Tier Branch Lead

Michelle Benoit, P.E. is transitioning from her role in our York office to the Northern Tier Branch Lead, which includes both our Lewisburg and State College offices. With seven years of dedication at Providence, Michelle brings extensive experience and a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. With her leadership, we’re confident Providence will maintain its reputation for exceptional service and engineering excellence.

Adam Love, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
York Structural Branch Lead

Adam Love, P.E. has been appointed as the York Structural Branch Lead. With a decade of dedicated service at Providence, Adam brings a wealth of experience to his new role. His expertise in delegated design submittals, including structural steel connections, Unistrut framing, and Precast concrete, has been invaluable to our team. With his diverse project experience and commitment to excellence, Adam is well-equipped to lead our team to even greater heights.

Mirna Pehar Bowen, P.E.
Project Manager
Florida Branch Lead

With our newly opened Florida office, Mirna Pehar Bowen, P.E. joined our team as the office’s Branch Lead. With more than a decade of experience in structural design, Mirna is poised to lead with distinction. Her specialized focus on tailored designs for Coastal A and V Zone construction positions her as a driving force in our efforts to thrive in this dynamic market. With Mirna’s expertise, we are confident in our ability to make a significant impact and establish a strong presence in Florida.


Please join us in extending a congratulations to Michelle, Adam, and Mirna as they step into their new roles. Their dedication, expertise, and passion have already made a significant impact on our organization, and we are excited to see them lead their respective branches to new heights.