Our Own Lou Geschwindner Featured in Modern Steel Magazine

Providence’s own Lou Geschwindner recently had the opportunity to provide insight into the latest American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) specification in Modern Steel Construction Magazine, the nation’s only magazine dedicated exclusively to the design, fabrication and construction of structural steel buildings and bridges. His article titled “A Beam Is A Beam” discusses that overall, the AISC changes are intended to simplify provisions and improve both safety and economy. Lou details the implications for I-Shaped members, box sections, tees and double angles, and single angles. Read the full article.

Ongoing education and technical mastery are critical components of providing sound guidance for our clients. That’s part of why we’re proud to have leaders like Lou on the team. For building owners, architects, contractors or anyone pursuing projects in the A/E/C industry, Lou’s observations reiterate why it’s so important that your selected team is equipped with the most accurate and timely information and insight.

Lou is a senior consultant with Providence, a former VP of engineering and research with AISC and Professor Emeritus of Architectural Engineering at Penn State. He has become a ‘go-to’ authority on structural design. Read more about Lou.