Fulton Theatre

The Fulton Theatre was built in 1852 on the foundation of Lancaster’s pre-Revolutionary War-era jail. It is the oldest working theatre in the United States and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Phase I included renovations to the existing buildings along West King Street. Portions of these buildings were demolished to accommodate a new infill link structure. This new structure houses an expansion to stage right and a workshop support space. The roof structure was designed to accomodate Lancaster City’s first “blue roof” for stormwater mangement. The existing wall facade along Water Street had to remain in place while the new structure was built behind and then tied to it.

Phase II included renovations to an existing stand alone building on Grant Street known as the Interiors Building. A portion of the existing roof structure was replaced to accommodate new floor framing and a new roof structure to house offices. The space between the existing interiors building and the theatre was infilled with a new 3-story building that houses a welcome atrium and a 2-story dance studio. The dance studio structure is cantilevered over a loading dock.

Project challenges included tight site constraints, multiple building elevations and working with existing utilities and structures within historical buildings.

Lancaster, PA