Providence Presents: Snow Load Seminar

“How much snow can my building support? How can I tell if my building is being overloaded by snow? Do I need to remove snow from my roof?”

If you own or maintain a building, you should know the answer to these questions before the next snowstorm. If you’ve never considered your building’s ability to withstand snow loads, Providence Engineering is here to help. Our engineers can help you understand the structural design of your building, where the snow loads will accumulate and other important factors including:

  • Threat of Snow
  • Weight of Snow
  • Snow Load Design
  • Assessment of Risk / Signs of Distress
  • Actions to Take During a Snowstorm
  • Safe Snow Removal

We can teach you how to assess your building for overstress during a storm, as well as provide the information you need to develop an actionable Snow Event Response Plan as recommended by FEMA’s Snow Load Safety Guide.

Contact us to learn more about preventing snow load damage to your building.