Promotions to Providence’s Leadership Team

Providence Engineering is pleased to announce the promotions of Bart Foreman, P.E., and Matthew Kalmanowicz, P.E.

Bart Foreman has been promoted to Vice President of Providence Engineering. As a leader of Providence’s Warehouse and Distribution market, Bart has helped meet increased national demand for warehouses by developing efficient design principles and adopting innovative construction technology. His continued leadership in this market, and within our firm, will be a boon to the clients that we serve.

Matt Kalmanowicz has also been promoted to Vice President of Providence Engineering after serving as a Director. Matt has more than 20 years of experience providing structural design services across all markets. As the leader of our Carlisle, PA office, he will continue to ensure that quality, timely and affordable solutions remain the hallmark of our firm locally, and wherever a Providence design is built.

We’re very excited to welcome Bart and Matt to their new roles as members of Providence Engineering’s leadership team.