Kendra Lappa Celebrates 25 Years at Providence Engineering

We’re very proud to be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Kendra Lappa, Designer at Providence Engineering!

Kendra started at Providence in the summer of 1994, when our founder, Dan Fichtner, was running the business from his home in Providence Township. Kendra was the second employee hired!

In the 25 years since, Kendra has experienced our exceptional growth and development firsthand. From 2 employees to 80+, a pen plotter to our current laser plotter, from Dan’s basement office to the third floor of the Slaymaker Building and now to 7 offices across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania…Kendra has been a part of it all.

Lucky for us, Kendra still enjoys coming to work: “It’s never boring working at Providence” she says.

Kendra has worked on too many projects to pick just one favorite, but she particularly enjoyed the Sight and Sound Theatre projects, in Lancaster, PA and Branson, MO. They had complex designs with unique drafting challenges.

Kendra, and her husband Chris (Will) of 22 years, have two children—Meghan and Tyler, and two dogs—Remmy and Jackson.

We are extremely fortunate that Kendra has been a part of the Providence story for the past 25 years…and we look forward to the next 25 (give or take).

Congratulations Kendra!