#Eweek2023 Spotlight | Levi Schneck

For National Engineers Week 2023, we’re sharing stories from Providence’s engineering talent to learn more about how they chose their profession.

Who (or what) inspired you to become an engineer?

I would say what most inspired me to become an engineer was my high school intro to engineering class. We did lots of different kinds of engineering experiments and it really peaked my interest in the subject (I’d also say my love of building with LEGO® gave me inspiration as well).

Who is an engineer you look up to and/or admire?

Most people wouldn’t call him an engineer, but I really like Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings which he also engineered somewhat. I really enjoy his commitment to functionality foremost for a building.

What is your area of expertise and why did you choose it?

I’m not sure if I have an area of expertise just yet since I’m only about five years out of school, but I am fairly knowledgeable in wood design along with steel connection design. I like wood because it is fairly straight forward. I enjoy steel connections because it is a bit of a puzzle sometimes!

What is one of your favorite projects and why?

One of my favorite projects was one of the first I did here at Providence. It was the Dragon’s Den high ropes course which is located in an old church in Pittsburgh! It was a really unique project I worked with Dana on and it has had a great impact on the community.

The former St. Mary Magdalene Church was transformed into the Dragon’s Den, an indoor challenge rope course.