Right Tool for the Right Job

As technology improves, the number of tools in our belt increases. Metal tape measures and plumb bobs now sit beside laser scanners and infrared thermometers. As structural engineers, these new tools often improve our ability to conduct field surveys and collect information about the building. Just this week, we used our infrared thermometer to identify a major vapor leak in a +35 degree cooler. The infrared thermometer helped us discover the source of the leak in a very efficient manner, which saved our client time and money.

However, even with all of this new technology, there is still an important place for traditional tools and methods. The number of times that we need every detail of a structure are far outweighed by the number of times where we only need some information. In most cases, a quick measure with a tape or check with a level will do.

The key is to have a clear understanding of your project objectives as well as the tools to achieve those objectives efficiently. Right tool for the right job. At Providence Engineering, we’re comfortable working with cutting-edge technology, but also very in touch with the traditional aspects of our trade. We carry both tools in our belt.