Providence Pacers

Optimistic in the hope we could all stay connected while working remotely, Providence Engineering challenged our employees to a friendly competition. The “Providence Pacers” Steps Competition officially began on April 13th and culminated on May 24th.

Five teams, with seven members each, set out on this six-week journey. We walked, jogged, ran, hiked, strengthened our connections, and explored the outdoors in a safe, socially distant way. We not only found a new way to interact, but we learned more about each other than we ever imagined…and saw many interesting things along the way.

We discovered we’re a team of marathon runners, dancers, mountain climbers, nature lovers, photographers, mathematicians (we already kind of knew this), and extremely determined individuals who don’t let snow, sleet or rain stop us from achieving our goals.

The winning team was the “Social Distance Steppers.” Team members included Adam Love, Barry Foreman, David Bernhardt, Kevin Helt, Michelle Benoit, Nicole Bassler and Travis Soprano. As a team, they took more than 4 million steps!

The total steps taken by all Providence team members was more than 16 million…approximately 8,540 miles walked. That’s like walking west across the United States from Lancaster, PA to Seattle, WA, then down the Pacific coast to San Diego, CA, back across the country to Key West, FL, and then north up the Atlantic coast to Portland, ME. Wow!

Way to go Providence team!