Jesse Fowler, E.I.T.

Design Engineer, Structural

Fun Fact: Jesse has been to other countries at least seven different times and has been on more than twenty cross-country driving trips (over 2,000 miles!) but never for vacation. He has also lived in four different states, but before you ask, he was never in the military or a military kid.

Jesse, an engineer-in-training, brings a seasoned perspective to our team as a design engineer. He has demonstrated his skills through his years of dedicated work, has contributed to our projects while collaborating with project managers.

As he continues to grow with our team, Jesse is acquiring valuable experience and knowledge that will further enhance his journey toward becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.

Office Location
Lewisburg, PA

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, 2015; Associate of Arts in Architecture, College of the Desert, 2009