STRUCTURE Magazine: Industry Perspective on Masonry Education

Many entry-level engineers have limited knowledge of masonry as a structural material, despite its presence on the majority of architectural building projects. Moreover, instructors are often limited in the time they can devote to masonry instruction. Both of these are unfortunate for the structural engineering profession.

To address the above concerns, Providence Engineering sponsored a survey of industry stakeholders, which sought to answer two key questions:

  1. 1. Is the industry satisfied with the masonry knowledge of entry-level engineers?
  2. 2. If class time is limited, what masonry topics are most important to mention in the engineering curriculum?

In this STRUCTURE magazine article titled ”Industry Perspective on Masonry Education”, Heather Sustersic, P.E. examines survey responses from industry professionals to explore these questions and open a dialogue aimed at improving masonry education and awareness among entry-level engineers.