#Eweek2023 Spotlight | John Gunn

For National Engineers Week 2023, we’re sharing stories from Providence’s engineering talent to learn more about how they chose their profession.

Who (or what) inspired you to become an engineer?

It is a bit cliché, but playing with Lego bricks as a child made me fall in love with making things and problem solving. My grandmother would often rate my structures out of 10 and encourage me to improve my designs.

Who is an engineer you look up to and/or admire?

One of my role-models is Bill Nye (the Science Guy). While he is no longer a practicing mechanical engineer, I really admire his commitment to science education, from his eponymous TV shows to his accessible books.

What is your area of expertise and why did you choose it?

As a structural engineer for buildings, one of my specialties is seismic design. I am from the West Coast where earthquakes often control the lateral design, and the mechanism of earthquakes has always fascinated me.

What is one of your favorite projects and why?

One of my favorite projects is the Phoenix Sculpture by Ray King Studio for the Claymont Regional Transit Center in Delaware. It was a unique and challenging project which beautifully showcased the integration of engineering and art.

Credit: Ray King Studio.